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ARCS seeks to assist women, men and children in areas of sexual violence within Aotearoa/New Zealand. 

In particular we aim to:
  • provide support to women,children and men who have been, or are being sexually, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and/or physically abused.
  • provide extended support to partners, whanau and friends who are supporting the survivors of sexual abuse.
  • raise community awareness of rape and sexual abuse through community action by public education, consciousness raising, and breaking the silence of sexual violence.
  • take action wherever possible in support of legal change to affect justice to women, children and men who have been raped or sexually violated.
  • gather and disseminate information and statistics about rape and sexual violation
  • provide ongoing training programmes to further the philosophy and objectives of ARCS-Manawatu
  • react against any issues raised through the media, institutions or policies that are oppressive to women.


Abuse & Rape Crisis Support Manawatu exists to eliminate rape and sexual violence through social change, specialised education, support, and crisis intervention.



Our values are passion, respect, integrity, commitment and empathy.



A sexual violence free world

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