Funding of Sexual Abuse Social Services Inquiry – SUBMISSION GUIDE

What is an inquiry and why should I make a submission?


The social services select committee’s job is to listen to evidence and advise parliament on how to improve social development in New Zealand. The committee includes members of parliament from National, Labour, New Zealand First and the Green Party. The committee offers advice about pieces of legislation but sometimes they also initiate inquiries into matters of significant importance; in this case funding for specialist sexual abuse social services. It’s a chance for the community to tell parliament what it needs and wants, and hopefully build agreement across all the parties within parliament so we can get sustainable solutions.

Jan Logie from the Green Party initiated this inquiry in partnership with Alfred Ngaro from the National Party. All the parties on the committee believe we can better help victim/survivors.

Your opinion and experiences are unique and important. Submitting could help ensure the right help is there for everyone in the future.