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VOYAGE (Valuing Ourselves: Youth Activities & Group Education)

he taonga nga tamariki

VOYAGE is a court-approved programme for children who have experienced the effects of family violence, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse or physical abuse, or where a child has witnessed the abuse of those they love and care about.

VOYAGE aims to break the cycle and secrecy of abuse by providing children with positive experiences on which to build their self-esteem.

The groups are for both boys and girls between the ages of 5—11 years. The nine-week programme is run after-school during term. Groups are limited to 8 children of similar age and development.

There is no cost to attend and transport is provided free within Palmerston North.

The Programme

VOYAGE covers…
– what is abuse
– domestic violence
– good & bad touching
– anger & safe ways to express it
– keeping ourselves safe
– personal strengths

VOYAGE explores different feelings that arise for the children by sharing their experiences within the group.

It offers children an insight and understanding of abuse and builds on children’s self-esteem and confidence, fostering trust within healthy relationships.

Children are encouraged to express themselves through the use of puppets, stories, clay, paint, and other fun and interesting ways.

For Caregivers

A whanau/caregivers group runs alongside the children’s group, providing support and information. This gives caregivers the opportunity to  support each other by sharing child-related concerns, needs & resources. It also keeps caregivers informed about the content of the children’s group.

Group Facilitators

Each VOYAGE group is run by two trained and accredited facilitators. All VOYAGE facilitators have a current police clearance.


Families can self-refer or go through a referring agency.

For more information contact the VOYAGE Co-ordinator, Ruth Steven, on 06 356 5868 or 027-462-1987 (voice mail).


S.A.M. (School Based Anger Management Programme)

is an anger management program for primary and intermediate-aged children held during school hours and on school premises.


The SAM Program is an introductory program which focuses on inappropriate behaviour,  that is impacting on schooling. By delivering the program at school it is being delivered in an environment that is familiar and non-threatening to the child. The SAM Program also provides an opportunity to engage the child and their caregivers in a proactive program, when the families may not be prepared to participate in community based programs.


The SAM Program has been designed as two modules of one hour per week for five weeks, and is based on the well-respected resource Volcano in My Tummy. Each 5-week module focuses on self-esteem, identifying anger and other emotions, and developing skills to express emotions (particularly anger) safely. Each module uses different activities to look at these issues so that students can participate in both or either module without it being repetitive.


This program is costed to the school.


If you are interested in further details about this programme please phone the office on 3565868



Sexual Abuse Prevention Programme


This programme is being run successfully in many of the Manawatu’s High Schools and is  delivered by two presenters from our organisation. Alll resources are provided and currently there is no charge for the programme.



The Respect Sexual Abuse Prevention Programme aims to:

  • raise awareness regarding the prevalence of sexual abuse within relationships;
  • encourage participants to look at how they can respect themselves and their own needs within relationships;
  • encourage participants to examine what responsibilities they have towards their partner in a relationship;
  • consider the effect alcohol and drugs has on being safe within a relationship;
  • examine the issue of consent, including what the law says;
  • encourage participants to consider what role they have in keeping friends safe; and

look at resources available in the local community to support victims of sexual abuse


The Respect Programme is available as either a one-hour, two-hour or three-hour program. It is expected that the two and three hour programmes will be delivered in hour slots on different days rather than being done in two and three-hour time slots.



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