Individual & Family Support


Support for survivors of sexual violence and their families

The type of support we provide will be determined by the individual client. We are available to talk through the survivor’s experience, what effects the sexual violence have had on them and what path they may want to take to work towards resolving the trauma they have experienced.


Often family and friends are also affected by the sexual violence. We are here to support them too and can talk about how they are feeling (e.g. guilt, anger), how they can help the survivor, and the importance of looking after themselves as well.


We are able to provide information on legal and medical procedures, as well as other resources available within the community.


We believe no-one should feel they need to cope with sexual violence on their own so we are available to accompanying survivors on medical visits, making a statement to police or court appearances.


We also believe it is very important that the survivor remains in control and determines his or her own path to recovery and healing. We are available to provide support to survivors on that path when and for however long that support is wanted.


Support Groups

Survivors Group Program –

ARCS provides a 10 week group program for survivors to further progress their journey to well being. The program provides a “tool kit”which will enable participants to challenge the effects of sexual abuse and to keep developing a new story as they move forward.


The program runs when we have sufficient numbers to form a group, please contact us if you are interested.

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