Survivors of sexual violence can make a claim to the Sensitive Claims Unit of the ACC.


How can ACC help?

The ACC may be able to help with counselling, if you need extra assistance such as with child care or home help or the cost of travel to treatment. They will also consider claims for compensation for lost wages or salaries.


How do I find an ACC counsellor?

Contact us at ARCS Manawatu and we can do a referral to an ACC Counsellor working under our umbrella click on link for our

ACC Counsellor list  and our Counselling information


How do I make a claim?

When you see an ACC registered counselor they will help you to complete the necessary forms to make an ACC claim.

If you are wanting to make a claim for something other than counselling then you will need a doctor to fill out some of the necessary form.


Where can I find more information?

Go to the ACC Web site


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