Do you think it is important to provide services to people affected by sexual violence?

The parliamentary Social Services Select Committee is undertaking an inquiry into the funding of specialist sexual violence services.


The terms of reference are:

  • To review the state of specialist services and determine whether they reflect an integrated approach to service delivery, full coverage and best practice.
  • To review services including for Maori and other diverse ethnic communities and assess whether they are accessible, culturally appropriate and sustainable.


Your views are important – You can have a say by making a written submission. It can be as long or as short (just a few sentences) as you like. You can also ask to speak to the committee directly by asking to do so in your written submission. The more submissions received the more the Select Committee will understand this is an important issue for our community.


What should I say?

Use your own words to say what you think about the need for specialist sexual violence services.


Some questions to think about –

  • Have you or someone you know used a service?
  • How did it help?
  • What did or didn’t work?
  • What types of services are needed?
  • Were there barriers to getting the help …

Was it too far away?

Was there a wait for the service?

Was the service in your culture or language?

  • What happens when people cannot access specialist sexual abuse services?
    • Why should the government be funding these services?


Personal stories can really help the Select Committee understand what is needed.


You need to include your full name, and an email address or day-time phone number if you have one.


Privacy – You can speak to the Clerk of the Committee on (04) 817 9046 about how you can keep very personal or sensitive stories private.


Lodging Your Submission

Post to Committee Secretariat, Commerce, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160 (send 2 copies)


Or you can go online to and follow the ‘Get Involved’ link.


Submissions must be received by Thursday, 10 October 2013.