Take A Stand

Stopping sexual violence requires the whole community to take a stand.

Here are a few ways YOU can make a BIG difference.

Step In
Sexual violence is happening around you and to people you know.
Keep an eye on your mates when you’re out – don’t leave anyone behind. And if one of your mates looks like they might end up acting like a jerk then step in and tell them it’s not ok.
You can even help a stranger, just by asking if everything is all right.
It’s not about being a hero (it’s important to stay safe) – it’s about doing something small. Watch the video and you will understand.
Check out this video: www.whoareyou.co.nz
Show Some Respect
Be the ideal partner and check you have consent before making any moves.  We know that one thing can lead to another but you need to be sure that your partner wants what you do.
Look for red flags and warning signs that your partner isn’t able to give consent, like slurred speech, inability to walk well, glazed over eyes, etc. Remember it’s not ok to have sex with someone so affected by alcohol or drugs.
Ask “is this ok?” each step of the way. If the answer is yes, enjoy! If the answer is no, change your plans for the evening.
Whether you’ve known your partner for 30 minutes or 30 years you still owe them respect.

Keep Our Kids Safe

It takes a village to raise a child, including keeping them safe. Whether you’re a parent, aunty, babysitter or just someone that cares, learn more about keeping children safe from sexual abuse.
Facebook for Funding
Thirty years ago there were more than double the number of rape crisis centres that are operating today. Of the ones that are left we are all struggling financially, and cutting back services as a result. At the same time the number of sexual abuse survivors just keeps going up and up and up.
 To help save these services and to uphold survivors’ rights to access the services they need, the Green Party have started a campaign calling on government to adequately fund the sector.
 February 2013 will see the official launch, postcards and community events all over the country. In the meantime, check out the Facebook campaign here, to find out how to be involved. And don’t forget to tell your friends!
Take the Challenge
All too often the media and Joe Public judge the victim of sexual assault for what they were wearing, how much they had been drinking, how they were acting, their sexual history or where they were at the time. If you hear or read this sort of prejudiced response, challenge it. There is only one person responsible for sexual abuse and that’s the offender.
Spread the Word
Sexual violence is traumatic, but it does not have to be a shameful experience. We need more people that are dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about sexual assault. So get talking! We would love the opportunity to tell your community group, school or anyone who will listen about the issues surrounding sexual violence and the work we do.

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